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Introducing Nandini Dairy Delights

Hey all, we here at Nandini Dairy Delights first of all welcome you to our humble e-abode. Nandini Dairy Delights was established on 16th October, 2014 and we started our milk production from the 01st of January, 2015. From the first day our dream and aim has been to provide fresh, healthy and pure milk as well as other milk products to our loved customers. We are living in a society where more than 50 percent people suffer from malnutrition and also more than 70 percent people are prone to severe diseases due to the intake of adulterated food products. We are here in the market to establish ourselves as a brand which people trust and rely upon blindly. Ofcourse, as  businessmen, we are obviously here to earn profit, but more importantly we aim at earning the trust and respect of our beloved customers. We have a dedicated team for that who work hard to provide our customers satisfaction and proper service. 
Dedication and hardwork are our tools which we strive to use with consistency. We hope you people help us in making our family of customers bigger and bigger day by day. We will always be faithful regarding societal ethics and will be at your service 24x7. Thanks a lot for visiting us. 


Our mission is to become the most successful brand in the market by providing the best products and best service to our customers as compared to others. We won’t stop at all until and unless we reach that milestone.  We hope you people help us in reaching our goal by trusting us and by providing us proper and timely feedback regarding our products.
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